Are You A Compulsive Liar?

If not, how would anyone know?

Questions are asked to increase doubt. When we ask someone a question, we are usually trying to learn about that person’s story.

But storytelling is much different than lying.

One might, for instance, believe they have a free pass to make up stories that truly never had any meaning.

Sometimes, lunatics are driven to act and behave in ways that are completely opposite to what someone in their right minds would do.

But there is a term for those who would consider themselves compulsive liars.

They are called mythomaniacs.


The best cure for dealing with a mythomaniac is simple:

Be yourself.

When you try too hard to understand another person’s troubles, you may lose your identity along the way.

But rest assured, everything will fall back into proper order during a conversation one may come to have with someone that has such a diagnostic.

The secret is to take a deep breath, and try to make eye contact.

Eventually, a mythomaniac will realize that they are the ones not being taken seriously.

That’s when you should feel prepared to make your next move.


David Raphael T.

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