On Letting Your Heart Help You

Everyone is looking for help. Most of the time, we have no idea where we are going and we are just looking for a reliable compass to guide us along the way.

I have learned that the best compass to use is our very own heart.

And from personal experience, I can affirm that:

The heart holds more wisdom than our minds ever will.

But everyone has learned in some way or another that they should listen to their hearts. Yet, we still neglect it.

What are some ways we can attune with ourselves well enough to let our inner compass show us the way to love and happiness?

Here are some ideas:

  • Use Tools You’re Familiar With

I am familiar with tarot cards. I know, some people are skeptical about anything that crosses the borderline of mysticism. But I LIVE for anything that’s even if just a little bit out of the ordinary. I like the tarot because it is a game. And games should never be taken seriously.

  • Ask For The Truth About EVERYTHING !

When you pick something you are used to, and you use it as your heart would direct it, great things can stem from that. The secret is to ask yourself:

“What is the truth about this”?

For instance, your hobby may be baking cakes. Or desserts. Whatever it is, ask yourself: what is the truth about serving and cooking meals for myself and others?

When you begin to ask sincere questions such as that, you receive answers and signs that show you how to and what to do to deliver yourself to the world.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Step Up

Sometimes you are in a condition that is… well, limited. But sometimes, we also see things that others don’t have the time to “acknowledge”. For example, you may be a patient in a mental health facility, but you see a problem with one of the computers that the staff doesn’t seem to notice — or maybe they do, but you know how to handle it yourself so why bother them?

  • Be Brave Enough to Seek Love, Not Privileges

The world may give and take privileges as they seem fit. Don’t be the guy with the fit band. Be all over the place, as you already are! Your natural presence alone is enough to fill a whole room. So why worry about the things of the morrow? Take the lead your heart is offering you. That alone will guide you someplace outside the lines. Remember:

Love is not an earned privilege.

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