Do You Believe in Gypsies?

Everyone sooner or later comes across that one friend that knows everything about astrology. Oh, and they can also read your fortune! (of course).

Not all of them may consider themselves “gypsies” necessarily, but with the new Netflix series, the term came up in my head.

I find it important to bring some light into what these terms mean, given that this is something people are probably thinking about right now. After all, are gypsies therapists or fortune tellers? Or both?

Definition of Gypsy


noun: gypsy; plural noun: gypsies

  1. a member of a traveling people traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. Gypsies speak a language (Romany) that is related to Hindi and are believed to have originated in South Asia.

synonyms: Romany, Rom, traveler, nomad, rover, roamer, wanderer

ex: “a caravan of gypsies”

2. the language of the gypsies; Romany.

3. a nomadic or free-spirited person.

adjective: gypsy

  1. (of a business or business person) nonunion or unlicensed.

ex: “gypsy trucking firms”

Everyone can be “free-spirited”. The idea of mysticism that surrounds anything esoteric makes it seem “unattainable”. Perhaps “gypsy” could be used as a fun, simple adjective to anyone who feels like they know a trick or two. I personally don’t know any!

Now let’s move on to “fortune telling”. To me, fortune telling is the idea that someone can be used as a medium to help clarify matters in someone’s mind. But isn’t that something we already do in conversations we have on a daily basis?

My point is: what’s natural is already more magical than we could ever imagine. Our natural expressions already unload all the importance we give to everything in our lives. Everything contains meaning, and it is the meaning we give things that drives our actions and, therefore, the influence we have over the events in our lives.

But why would anyone seek guidance in the first place? At what point does one find the need to call their friend who maybe will tell your Venus is orbiting weirdly today?

It is not until we admit how lonely we feel, how badly we want to have control over our lives, and how much we are in a state of fear most of the time — it’s not until we come forth with our inner truth, that we will be able to set our minds to rest.

Only in a state of peace can we promote feelings of peace. “Magic” and “miracles” are simply one’s manifestation of love. Practicing a loving and forgiving mindset is the best party trick you can offer the world.

There’s nothing magical about being loving. Because love comes naturally. It is spontaneous and it is free. It is abstract. It is you, in your purest form!