Are Things Going Too Well For You?

It is 8:23 AM and my day has already been too great.

My alarm went off, and I usually hit the snooze option at least 3 times.

For some reason, I hit it once.

I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I was awake, in my bed. Feeling rested already.

I looked at my phone. Nothing urgent.

And wait — it is only 6:23 AM!

I had SO MUCH TIME ! ! !

Naturally, I did all the things I have been telling myself I would do in the morning:

  • I lifted some weights
  • I cooked breakfast
  • I drank coffee
  • I edited one of my articles
  • I stretched
  • I connected with loved ones

I made it to the bus stop right on time. I arrived at work early enough to stop at Starbucks. One of the nurses that works with me was on the line.

She bought me my Iced White Tea Lemonade from Starbucks and gave me six coupons to get 6 free cups of coffee at the cafeteria.

I had to wait longer for mine to get ready while she ran to start her busy surgery schedule. The barista apologized — they had to make a fresh batch. Oh, darn it!

Now I’m at work, where it appears it will be slow. Which means I get more time to spend writing. Which is what I’m doing right now.

This introduction is just a way to describe how I’m feeling. And to tackle an adverse thought that too often haunts those who are having a good day:

“This is too good to be true.”

I mean, isn’t it so? Whenever things are going well for us and we are maintaining a very happy and positive state of mind, we think that.

If we are “up”, we are sure going to go down at some point. Nothing lasts forever. There will be blood.

*dramatic pause*


It’s okay to be good.

It’s okay to feel good.

It’s okay to have a good time.

All the time.


The thoughts that try to sabotage your state are just thoughts.

They don’t exist like you do.

So next time things are going great and the saboteur tries to come through:

Tell him he’s cute. ♥

But you are happy where you are.

The next time you are offered an idea that feels weird to you, you can just say:

“No thanks. I’ll pass.”

“I’m good.”