How To Quit An Unhappy Life

If you have been trying to find a way out, look within.

It is smart to look for an exit. If you are in a situation that is simply too stressed and unhappy, what else would you look for?

But how do we get out of “here”?

Where is the sense of comfort that everyone is looking for?

After all, you set out a career and some academic goals. You plan on getting married, buying a house, living in a different city — but what for?

Are the goals you are setting out for yourself going to bring you the sense of comfort and peace you are looking for?

Is there a real exit, one that can take you away from discomfort and dissatisfaction right now?

An Exit Within

At some point in my life, I had a pretty depressive realization…

There is nothing in this world that can bring true resolution.

I know that sounds awful, but think about it: if everything in this planet (including our bodies) is simply temporary; then why do we invest so much in goals that are ultimately a waste of time?

The real exit is not in this world. It is not necessarily in finding a different job, buying a new car or living in a different city either.

You first need to identify how you are feeling. Because odds are that the way you are feeling is driving some of your decisions. And how can you make genuine decisions without being fully aware of your emotional state?

Once you understand how you are feeling, you can do something about it.

It is simply a choice you have to make in your own mind.

A choice for life and love.

A choice for peace.

And once we decide to go for the real“exit”, which is in our own minds, then everything in the world becomes a tool.

Clothes become costumes. Work becomes an opportunity to make others feel cared about. Money becomes a means to an end.

Everything is done lovingly with only one goal in mind: to remind others that they too are free, and that life is some serious business indeed!


It’s very tempting to see life as unimportant, or to treat it like a game.

But life is not a game.

Life is precious.

The fact that we are alive is something we all share in common.

The more you pay attention to your feelings, the less likely you are to make a decision you might regret.

And by cultivating a loving awareness of ourselves, we set ourselves free.

In other words: instead of looking for an exit, be an exit.