Why C.T.R Business Models Are the Right Choice

I don’t know where you come from and how you perceive the business world.

I am not sure how that world looks like either.

I am no business specialist or anything like that.

But I have a feeling I want to share with you.

The world has many different companies, right?

Each company serves a different purpose in the make-up of our every day life.

Now, I am working for a company. You probably are too. And we both represent our companies in some way or another.

We also have demands that need to be fulfilled.

I have a demand for a cup of coffee every day. Which company will fulfill that demand for me?

Lately, it’s been Starbucks (I love that green mermaid! ♥ #shoutout)

Now, if I were a business man, I would probably look for a demand so intrinsic that EVERYONE would want in on it.

There are things that come and go. Coffee didn’t even exist until people left their kingdoms to go sailing.

Good thing they did.

Now what would be a demand so universal, so useful, so natural — that any single human being on the planet could relate to it, seek it, want it, feel it, taste it, experience it, consume it, and ultimately… truly, truly ENJOY it?

Is there such a thing as a demand that transcends time?

A demand that has always existed in human history and will always exist?

Whatever that demand is, I believe it would be worth investing in.

Maybe it is the only thing worth investing in. Truly.

I personally don’t see any gain on spending time and money on things that come and go.

I want to place my money and time on something consistent.

I want to serve a winning cause.

So… can we think about what that is for a moment?

  • Is there one demand that has consistently existed throughout recorded human history?

I have always longed for peace, you know.

Every choice I made in my life was, in the end, some attempt to feel more comfortable with myself, with my surroundings, with my scenarios.

Today, I know the only way to feel closer to that feeling of warmth, joy and fulfillment is by admitting the truth:

I want to love and be loved.

That is all I care about, and all that I really need. It is all I have looked for behind every decision I have taken. And now that I have brought it to light, it is easier to know what to do.

Do you want to know what that is?

I will tell you!

I want to relate to EVERY ONE!

I want to love and serve every being alive right now!

If it is not through relationships and getting to know people… how else can that be accomplished? How else can love be experienced by me and everyone else in this world?

Now, I don’t know if my demand is real. I don’t know if my demand is shared. I don’t know if you even feel the same way.

But I do know that courses and training programs devoted to optimizing relationships are the realistic future for any successful business enterprise.

And that is why I am eager to see more companies implementing that awareness into their setup.

I want to see the letters C.T.R more often — because Courses, Training and Relationships are the three key foundations for any successful formation.

I want to get that kind of information.

I want to be in formation.

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