“Trust the process” — Olivia Steele, Hotel de Rome bar, Berlin

Onwards — My journey to Berlin

On a gloriously sunny morning in London May 2016 I set off towards the European mainland. My goals: 3 months escape on my motorcycle through Europe, seeing cities, visiting friends and a few weeks stop in Berlin.

A year and a half later I’m sitting in a Berlin café, I’m reviewing the past months and starting to write; the lows, the highs, the people, events and places, old friendships and new friends in the last year and a half.

My motorcycle, arriving in Berlin

Whenever you make a trip, there’s always three aspects: the journey you plan, the journey that actually happens, and the inner journey, the one you grow and learn from. Outwardly, me and my bike have covered thousands of miles/kilometers. 3 months became 6 months; at the start of 2017 a job in Berlin followed. Now when anyone asks, “Yes, I live in Berlin.”

The journey inside? I was looking for change on many levels; in Berlin I’ve found a city I love and feel at home in; work-wise I have discovered new challenges, working in tech architecture, crossing into front end and single page apps, and worked with some great people.

Most of all, I have rediscovered a sense of possibilities. I had been freelancing in London some years but life was increasingly a tread-mill. My long-held sense of wanderlust and wanting another life was irresistible.

For now, I’m somewhat at a pause; I have finished my contract at Intive after 9 months. I have some strong ideas about what’s next. I plan to stay in Berlin, follow a few of these, work freelance and see how it goes. Despite being a newcomer I’m at home with it’s quirky vibe, creativity and feel. It’s fabulous.

It’s a new chapter. Onwards. :)

PS I’m available for work after a short break…