How to Clean Your Flat Iron?

At the end of the day I am subjecting myself to mortification for homemaking science by demonstrating to you another frightful machine in my home. This time it’s my flat iron.

Why is it so gross you inquire? All things considered, oh my goodness. I experience the ill effects of a genuine condition called “poufy blasts” — joined with a devilish cowlick. Unless I fix them consistently… (some of the time twice every day)… they simply look strange.

How to Clean Flat Iron

Issue is… I additionally utilize a decent measure of Hair Spray on them and when I utilize the flat iron on my hair sprayed hair… this is the thing that winds up happening.

Before, I would hold up until the point that it got Really, Really awful and after that discard it and get another one….Since, I couldn’t discover anything that would take it off. One day I was crying about my flat iron indiscretions to my companion Danielle and she proposed I utilize the edge of a couple of scissors to rub the gunk off.

All things considered, the straightener is made out of CERAMIC. It really worked great and didn’t do TOO much harm to the iron. The slight scarring it did was justified, despite all the trouble however in light of the fact that I didn’t need to purchase another one!

Turns out this were not really even a test for the “wonder more clean”. :- ) I made my typical glue of heating pop and hydrogen peroxide and began rubbing it in with my fingers. It quickly took everything except the thickest parts of gunk off with scarcely any exertion whatsoever.

The fundamental contrast cleaning this little apparatus versus different things I’ve cleaned with the “wonder cleaner” was ensuring I didn’t get any cleaner or water inside the iron that would foul up the electrical stuff.

So I was mindful so as to keep the cleaning blend just on the plates themselves and after that I utilized a wet cloth to wipe everything off when I was done as opposed to washing it. It’s as yet working like a champ at subduing my rowdy poufy blasts, so I more likely than not done OK.

My flat iron looks and feels like new!

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