Discipline V.S. Motivation!!

What I have learned from blogging when I feel like it v.s. when I didn’t was: Discipline vs. motivation. The main issue between motivation and discipline is that motivation contains a temporary issue, it’s called emotions. If you think about when you got motivated last time how did you FEEL? I bet you felt a range of emotions, from excitement to happy. The problem with motivation is that your actions are dependent on your temptoary state of emotions . A laws of life I created is based on: that a specific emotion cannot be permanent for every second of your life, becasue it will eventually subside with a higher(happy) or lower(sad) emotion. Hence, being dependent on something (your emotions in this case) that determines the amount of action you will take a dangerous move to make when aiming for success new habit in your life.

The Problem Being Depedent on Motivation to Take Action!

With being dependent on your emotions(motivation) to take action is not a sustainable way to keep progress in any arena of your life. Think about all the different emotions you have experienced in your life. Too many to name all of them right? Now think about how many times you’ve experienced each emotion. Countless of times, right? This proves that emotions are meant to be experienced in range number of ways and always be temporary. This is what makes our emotions beautiful, becasue we get to experience a wide range of different emotions . However, putting our actions dependent on our emotions is not sustainable for prgoress in any habit.

What is discipline?

Discipline is established by ignoring your emotions or the voice in your head saying you don’t FEEL like doing it. YOU HAVE TO IGNORE your emotions if want to establish that new habit of yours. Discipline is the idea that your continuing to engage in action no matter what state of mood you’re in. Ignoring your emotions when wanting to establish a new habit or crush a new goal, changes what your actions are dependent on, which is nothing. You’ll now being self-reliant on yourself. With discipline comes self-confidence, new success and itself, better discipline.

What you can learn from when you fail to establish discipline.

When to establish a new discipline, failling will be a natural part of the process. If you fail to establish the new habit on the first try, look at where your willpower was broken down. For example, if you established a new diet and failed on week #2 wonder why this happened. Where you hanging out with friends who were eating fast food all week? If yes, change when you hang out with your friends who are not on a diet. You never want to be so hard on yourself when trying to establish a new discipline. If your thinking in a postive way, look at how this is an opportunity to examine yourself of how strong your willpower is. This will give you an introspection into yourself on how strong you are inside. In addition, will show you when, where, and how temptation got you to cave in on your new habit.

This is a graph to illsutrae of how you will succeed at a habit when using discipline vs motivation

Discipline vs Motivation (Self-created graph)
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