Rouge Hope

Disney is taking the movie world by storm! They saw an opening for dynasty with unlimited resources. Star Wars. I thought since it was May 4th that this world be an appropriate time to write about this. As the saying goes may the 4th be with you, playing off the words may the force be with you. Which has premiered in every Star Wars movie so far to this day. We’ll get to more of that later. The Star Wars franchise has been one of the biggest sci-fi series that has ever hit the big screen. It has killed actors, and it has made some stars. The remix (depending on who you talk to) are either heroic or absolutely trash. I remember personally when I was growing up everyone wanted a lightsaber, and everyone wanted the Star Wars action figures. It is a market unlike any other, and Disney knows this. They have made two new movies with multiple new actors, and multiple new toys for the kids to buy. The movie that I want to talk about is the stand alone Rouge One!

I like to call this movie 3.5 because it is right smack in the middle between 3 and four. The ending scene is literally seconds before the opening scene in Star Wars IV New Hope. It answered so many questions for Star Wars fans. Were they important questions? I guess it depends on who you are, but there was this unimaginable hype that followed Star Wars VII that destined this movie to do well in the Box office. Nobody was exactly sure what was going to happen in the movie, but we were all along for the ride.

How this film differed from the other Star Wars movies was that it almost showed the real side of war. They showed generals taking risky commands, and we saw rebel’s minds being warped from the stress of war. On the other hand, we see Jyn Erso who has been on different sides of the law, but is trying to put rebel back in rebellion.

Now I want to talk about some specific Status’s and Roles that were played in the movie. In the book “Christian Perspectives on Sociology” it says that Statuses cannot be expected to remain static in a modern society. Changes in prestige of statuses require ne behavior and norms that, in turn, influence the statuses.” This norm or behavior would be the war that has been going on in the Star Wars world longer than we have known it. It seems that on both sides (rebellion and the empire) of the war there are status’s up for grabs.

We meet an Empire commander named Orson Krennic. As we find out from the opening is that for the last 17 years he has been trying to build the infamous Death Star. This seems to be everything that he lives for. He tests the weapon on the planet Jeda, and he successfully obliterates it. However, it seems the other commanders do not appreciate his work as much as he would hope them too. Even though he has a professional status of a commander, it seems that he is looked down upon. There is a high-tension scene where he discusses the plans of the Death Star with Lord Vador. There is a huge gap of leadership, and status when it comes to Vador. Knowing Anakin’s past we know that Vador will get his way by force (no pun intended.) The empire seems to have a very specific role in mind for Orson Krennic. He is to assemble a team, build the Death Star…and that is it. Krennic of course doesn’t see eye to eye with this, and his pride gets in the way of his down fall. In Galatians 6:4 it states “Each one should rest their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else.” We all struggle with pride in life. Sadly, many of us do not realize the potential that waits for us if we just let go our pride and move forward in God’s plan. God hates the sin of pride and will humble the proud. Now if we are looking at it from the perspective that God is the force (Hence the light side) than there is a clear hate of the force by Krennic. He simply relies on his own power to do whatever he wants with no consequences.

We see the complete opposite in one character in Chirrut who is a blind monk who uses the force to guide him as he goes. The final scene of Chirrut’s life is that he runs out in the middle of gun fire to flip a master switch repeating the words “I am one with the force, the force is with me” over, and over again. He miraculously can flip the switch, and open the radio waves. Spoiler alert he does die after this scene. However, if you are any kind of a Star Wars fan you will realize half way through this movie that none of these characters are in the fourth episode, and therefore must part with us before the ending of the movie. This is a clear representation of believing in something so much that Chirrut is willing to lay down his life for. Just like the disciples of Jesus, and their ministry after Jesus ascended back up to heaven. “To live is Christ, and to die is gain” Phil 1:21. This is the mindset we Christians should carry with us always. Now I am not saying we should run out into the middle of gun fire, but in a sense, we should not be afraid to go anywhere because God is with us always.

The second Character Status, and Role that I want to closely examine is one of the leads Cassian Andor. We meet Cassian gathering information like any good solder, but we see him must take a life of his informant to protect his own sake, and have little remorse. Andor is put on the secret mission to steel the plans for the Death Star, but as a significant Role in the situation. He is supposed to kill the father, who is a rebel Galen Erso. You can see how thick this plot is, and how one can see that this is one of the only Star Wars movies that has a beginning middle, and end. When the time comes for Andor to take the shot, and kill Erso , he decided to believe Jyn, and try to rescue them instead. Now according to the book some roles, can be manipulated, and I can say that he was manipulated but for a good cause. His eyes were opened to what he believed was the truth. Later he turns against further orders, and starts a head-on attack where the Death Stars plans are being hidden.

Now the status of the Jyn and Andor have shifted. They go from rebel scum to leading the charge. They play one of the biggest roles in all the Star Wars movies. Of course, except for R2D2. Their role is to transmit the plans that Galen has set up secretly to defeat the Death Star, hence the beginning of Star Wars IV. Even though they all end up sacrificing their lives one way or another, the role they played will change the course of the next generations to come (or three movies). Jyn has something that no one else portrays in this movie. There is one scene that is over looked by most people, but it stood out to me personally. When they are aboard the Rouge one ship there is a time where they must have an entrance code, and so forth. While this is going on Jyn is holding what seems to be a lightsaber Chrystal, and her face to me looks likes she is praying or believing in the force. Now there is no way to prove it, but to me Jyn had some connection with the force, and it gave them the extra boost that they needed to start the charge. The force in other movies is very famous for changing the minds of drones, clones, and drunks. This would not be anything new for the Force. However, as we saw in Star Wars VII there is all types of new force tactics, like stopping bullets, and reading minds. Even in this one we see Darth Vador un tapped, and using the force to throw rebel soldiers around like rag dolls. We do not know the full potential of the force, and I have a feeling the next couple of movies are going to show that. Just like if we spend our whole lives studying to come closer to God there is always something else we can learn. He is a mystery that our minds will never fully wrap around until we meet him face to face. Now I am not saying that God is going to give us the power to read minds, however I believe that he will give us the power to complete the tasks he has layed out in front of me.

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