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User experience designers need to care about every aspect of their projects. I’ve written about the importance of making sure the market and the business model make sense. Now, let’s talk about something that used to be (still is?) a dirty word with designers.

The brand.

And, when I talk about brand, I’m not talking about just logos and type standards. Nor am I talking about the kind of “aspirational” branding that can be so deliciously parodied.

I mean the essence of the brand: what the company or organization stands for. What its products mean. Why a customer should care.

A good company and its great products need to have a clear brand. Every digital contact with a customer can either reinforce or damage the brand. This is true even if the products themselves aren’t applications. When real people interact with a company online or by phone, that’s a direct connection. …


David Rollert

I write about UX, languages and politics—only when I have something new to say. Designer of great user experiences. An American abroad in Québec.

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