Daughter’s 1st birthday…

Dear Zoë,

Today you turn one. It has been 365 wonderful days since you were brought into this world. I know it is such a cliche to say you have changed my life, but it was true. You must be the center of attention in any group. Whether it’s at church, in a big grocery store or while facetiming friends and family. You will wave and smile at anyone if it means you’ll get a smile back. If they don’t look at you, you will squeal and giggle in the hopes of getting attention. A fewweeks before Christmas you took your first steps. Not long after that, you started cruising around. And now? Pretty much the only time you crawl is if you want to get somewhere really fast. You will also choose to climb anything that gets in your way. Your love of music has grown exponentially. Your favorite songs are the ones with deep bass beats and fast lyrics. Stuff you can really dance to. You have changed my life in so many ways and I want to be the best Father a little princess like yourself deserves.

Happy 1st Birthday Daddy’s girl! 1/31/2012

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