New in Basecamp 3: Flexible Automatic Check-ins
Joan Stewart

Love checkins, but it would be better for us if they didn’t demand an answer, and could contain links to other Basecamps, message threads, campfires or elsewhere. We tend to use them for the stuff that’s easy to forget to share, but often we don’t need an answer right away.

‘Had any ideas of late? Share them with the team in [link to project, message thread, campfire etc)’

‘Would you like to add anything to the company WIKI? Create a message thread in [link to project] if anything crops up.’

We currently have an ‘Ideas’ project, and an ‘Ideas’ automatic checkin set up. This means ideas get shared across both automatic checkins and message threads. If you enabled links to be posted in the questions and had a little checkbox like ‘enable answers’ allowing you to disable direct answers to the check-in, that would be great for us!

I think the power of check-ins lies in their ability to automate stuff, it would be great to be able to automate more stuff in the future than just questions/answers.

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