What’s more interesting is impact and outcomes.
Are you looking for an answer or are you asking about impact?
Jason Fried

Words to live by! Do you happen to have any of the other questions available online? The example you posted is great but slightly leading towards a positive response. If that’s what you are looking for, for a signup page for example then it makes total sense. And it’s a great signup page by the way!

If you had wanted a more representative answer of what impact Basecamp has had on the way people work, phrasing it more like ‘How has the way you work changed since using Basecamp?’ might have given a more proportionally representative set of results? But you might not have wanted that (or you might disagree!)

It would also be interesting to read any questions you included that are focused on other less positive impacts/outcomes. For example, pain points people are feeling when using Basecamp, how people are actually using it, what jobs they are using it to do and what struggles they have (aware of or not) that Basecamp could help solve in the future?

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