Memo to Nest: How 3 connected hardware companies killed their devices
Stacey Higginbotham

Spot on, Stacey. I echo Wired that this should prevent consumers from buying into the internet of things. It puts uneeded pressure on the consumer to choose the brand AND product that will be supported AND survive. Personally, I very much like the idea of a “connected” home. One I can talk to, that has my martini ready when I pull into the garage. It would be so lovely. But… in addition to the issue of which products will survive, there is the privacy issue- and that is huge for my family. Does a connected device need to be connected to anywhere but your home, via your wi-fi, your intranet so-to-speak? Does every product really need to connect back to the parent company for anything but a software update? Of course not. Product/support death and privacy are the double-edge sword that will either kill internet home products or slow their launches with a thousand cuts. The first company to solve for the privacy issue solves both problems. The company that doesn’t give a fig about data collection wins on privacy, AND sales, so product support can be viable, and product death avoided.

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