Advantages of Recycled Rubber Flooring For Playground

Rubber flooring is among the most popular materials for children’s playground surfaces and that is not without legitimate reasons. It has many benefits that are not provided by other floor choices like tiles or wood. Domestic and commercial users alike prefer rubber padding for playground surfaces because it is not only safer and easier to use but also environment friendly and cost-effective as well. Below are some of the advantages for rubber padding which you would love to use even as preschool playground equipment.


Rubber floors are slip-resistant and their safety properties do not wear out with usage. This material is made to be affect-resistance and adaptable to movement. This provides an added cushion to reduce the risk of injuries in addition to its softer texture which also reduces high-fall risk. The slip-resistant quality is all the more important in rainy areas and where the playground surface frequently comes under moisture.If you have rubber padding for your domestic or commercial playground, you can also install a fountain without needing to worry about the surface.

Attractive and Stylish

Foam padding for playground are not only durable but also stylish. It is also available in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes which allows you the liberty to design your playground according to your own choice. These are available in rolls as well as interlocking mats which also make it easier to tailor it to the overall area of the playground without having to worry about exact circular or rectangular shapes of the playgrounds. With the availability of colors and designs you can give your playground your personal touch and make it entertaining and attractive for your little ones.


This quality of rubber comes in handy if you are planning to construct a playground in housing vicinity or at any place where the noise of playing children needs to be minimized. It does not mean that foam padding completely eliminates the sound of footsteps but it minimizes the noise drastically enough for it to be considered a particular advantage of rubber flooring.

Durable and cost-effective

Rubber surfaces are not only easy and less costly to install but they also have a longer life. They also need very low maintenance and have a low replacement cost as well. Rubber playground surfaces are also very easy to clean and a soap and water are the only materials needed for its complete cleaning.

Tough and Sturdy

Foam padding is also very tough with added features of being frost-proof and UV resistant. They take several years before showing any signs of fault and are made to endure years of performance and usage. It does not matter how hard and how frequently such surfaces are used as they maintain their performance level irrespective of their usage. This adds the advantage of cost effectiveness as the replacement cost is not dependent on how much the surface is used and by what age group.

Easy and Comfortable

The rubber playground surfaces are as much a popular choice for school playgrounds as it is for preschool playground equipment designed for toddlers. This is because it provides the necessary protection needed by even a small child. The surfaces under the preschool playground equipment such as swings and slides need more protection as these areas present fall-risk. Correct flooring is imperative to ensure proper protection and rubber provides the answer to that. It cushions and absorbs shock and prevents injuries from falling or tripping. Rubber is also easy to use and allows more freedom for children to play instead of them having to be careful or vigilant regarding their activities on a floor that could possibly pose injury risks.