How to Prepare Kids for Bed?

Parenting is challenging, and it gets tougher when it’s time to take kids to bed. All the questions that never came in mind the entire day start popping up right when you announce it’s time to go to bed. Also, they get suddenly hungry or thirsty, or they have to go to the bathroom or do their homework and all the tasks in the world. I have been trying various tricks to let my kids sleep fast and some of them have really worked, so I decided to share them with you.

1. Keep them Active During the Day
For me, nothing is more irritating than seeing my kids with mobile phones and video games in their hands. These activities have made them idols, and to reduce sluggishness, I engage my kids in activities that release energy such as walking, swimming, running, bicycling, swimming, and much more. If there are time constraints, you can also try making them play with school playground equipment when they are at their schools.

For my babies, I do simple activities with them such as massaging and bending arms and legs or simply walking with them. I always advise parents to keep foam padding for playgrounds for babies as safety when they are playing. When they get tired during the daytime, they sleep quicker and better at nights.

2. Calm their Moods Down Before Bed
Once you have engaged them in energetic activities, there awaits another challenge for you. It’s hard to get them to bed because they keep moving around and refuse to go to bed as they have gotten hyperactive. 
Calm them down at least one hour before bedtime. Give them books for reading or coloring, tell them stories, or do any low-energy activity with them.

3. Evening Practices
Evening habits play an important role in children’s routine. These habits vary from kid to kid, but bathing and showering are common for all. It helps in smoothing their sleeping patterns because water releases tension. 
When they are relaxed enough, read them stories to bed, but stop telling them the moment you see them rubbing their eyes. If they remain awake at that time, they might be restless the whole night.

4. Set a Routine
Just like evening practices, it is important to set a routine for them. Teach them when it’s time to do what and when they should go to bed. It will help them prepare for bed stress-free which will be beneficial for both you and them.

5. Make Room Comfortable
Fresh should have access to your kids’ room if you want them to sleep better. Before an hour to bed, open the windows and use a humidifier if you feel the need. Do not make the room completely dark and entirely soundproof. Some kids are afraid of dark so keep a nightlight on, and let some of the sounds come in (but not too much to let them sleep) so that you can come in if something happens during the night.