Winters Don’t Have To Be Boring For Your Little Ones!

Winters sing of celebration and holidays and everyone soaks in the happiness until of course the holidays finish and all that is left is the chilly weather and heaps of snow. After enjoying the hustle bustle of holidays and New Year’s, it is quite possible that the young ones fall into a spell of boredom and endless bitterness. Their play time has to be cut down because of the weather and their fun time on commercial playground equipment is also reduced. This not only harms their physical activity routine but also makes them prone to lethargy and laziness.

Even though there are several gadgets and techie stuff available to keep them occupied, it is impertinent that their screen time is also kept under a schedule to avoid any harmful effects. Amidst such conditions it is not unexpected to see the kids feeling extremely bored and even getting irate or acrimonious because of lack of opportunities to exhaust their energies. The good news is that winters don’t have to be completely boring despite the need of keeping children indoors to prevent them from getting sick or catching cold. Here are some exciting ideas for you to do with your kids to make their winters fun and enjoyable.

Get Into the Winter Spirit

While it may seem tempting to you and to your kids to stay indoors in the warmth, there is no reason to dread cold for going outdoors as long as you are appropriately covered in warm layers. Stack your wardrobes in anticipation of winters and when the time comes, get dresses and layer up your kids and take them outdoors. In times of snow, build a snowman or have a snowball fight for hours of limitless fun. if you have more than one kid, have a competition between them on who makes the best snowman. In fact you can use the competition spirit in more than one ways. Give your little ones colorful shovels and have a little race on who clears the drive way fastest and cleanest.

Alternatively, you can build a sledding hill and have a day-long fun. You can also get creative and make your snow covered backyard a canvas for your kids to paint and get crafty and make models with snow. Once the winter play time is over, treat the little ones with hot chocolate to finish the day on a warm and sweet note.

Make Indoors Fun Too

If there is a blizzard outside or the weather is simply too cold to go outside, make indoors a play area for your kids to make sure that their activity isn’t hampered and they aren’t bored. Some of the activities mentioned here will also come in handy at extreme times like power outages. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Switch electric heaters for a lit fire. Even if the light and crackling of fire isn’t enough to cheer your kids up, the bonfire environment will. Prepare some delicious food and sit around the fire place for dinner on a cold winter night. Read your little ones a bedtime story or play board games. This will not only be an enjoyable time for all of you as a family but will also allow you to bond with your kids and keep them entertained at times when it is impossible for them to explore their preschool playground equipment.