One of the greatest spectacles in all of the American sports is without a doubt NCAA’s March Madness — though how mad can it be when it spills over into April, huh!?

64 teams from schools across the nation do battle in a giant tournament to be crowned the king of college basketball. You know some of the bigger names in Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, etc and the more hardcore of fans will know the entire playing field from up to down.

Hell, the seeding showcase has its own hour of announcing what team has placed where in the…

Are you OK with the Cleveland Browns signing ex-Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt?

On Feb. 11, ESPN’s Adam Schefter announced the Cleveland Browns have signed former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt — and has had many questioning the legality of the timing.

In early 2018, a TMZ video emerged of Hunt kicking a woman which then promptly led to the Chiefs releasing their star player several months later during the 2018 season.

The NFL takes domestic violence very seriously and handles each situation almost immediately — when the video is released.

It’s not crazy to think that if…

The NFL and competition committee are going to have their hands full with pass interference once the new year begins — and rightfully so. Pass interference was a huge conversation due to the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams game in January.

However, we at least know this topic will be discussed as the calendar turns each month. But another important play that should be looked at is the onside kick.

The 2018–19 season introduced a new take on kickoffs where players were not able to get a running start before the ball was kicked. …

Now that the confetti has rained down on the New England Patriots after their slow and steady win over the Los Angeles Rams …what now? We’re left in the void of no NFL football until a series of events over the Summer — schedule release, NFL draft, OTAs, training camp etc.

But if you’re a football fanatic like I am, then you can’t help but think about the 2018 season that just came to an end. It’s fun to look back after patiently waiting for Sunday and Monday action over four months.

Some teams exceeded expectations and others fell flat…

Tom Brady, New England win their SIXTH Super Bowl in win over Los Angeles, 13–3.

Tony Romo said in the second quarter that if you favored defense over offense, then this was the game for you.

The first half definitely had its fair share of defensive stops. Tom Brady’s first pass of the game was intercepted and the Rams offense couldn’t muster any real drive.

The lone score came on a Stephen Gostowski field goal on his second attempt after pushing his first one wide — which was caused by Jim Nantz’s screen graphic of kickers never missing at Mercedes-Benz…

Perhaps equally iconic as one of Nintendo’s flagship characters in Link from The Legend of Zelda is his Master Sword.

In all of gaming, Master Sword is instantly recognizable amongst Nintendo and non-Nintendo gamers across the globe. It’s the sole weapon that furthers Link’s story to completion — and I’d wager many fans young and old wanted a replica Master Sword in their possession.

The design from tip to the hilt is one of genius design. …

Nineteen years ago, a young Tom Brady defeated Kurt Warner in Super Bowl XXXVI and, thus, created the New England Patriots dynasty that we know today. Fast-forward to 2019, and the two teams will meet once again in Super Bowl LIII.

Nearly 20 years have passed and the two franchises have each had their ups and downs. From personnel changes, players coming and going and even a location change, a lot has happened.

While the changes don’t seem so drastic for the Patriots, the Rams, however, have been turned upside down since their last Super Bowl appearance.

After “The Greatest…

What seemed like an eternity for 30 NFL teams four months ago will now end in the game’s biggest stage for its final two teams: Super Bowl LIII.

The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will battle for 60 grueling, hard-fought minutes to claim footballs ultimate prize: the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Both teams feature star-studded rosters on both sides of the ball and both punched their ticket with overtime road victories to knock off the AFC and NFC’s №1 seeded teams, respectively.

Once again, Tom Brady finds himself and his Patriots in yet another Super Bowl after taking down…

Opinion: What to do with pass interference in 2019 and beyond

The date is Jan. 22 and we’ve had a full two days to think about and absorb the outcome of the New Orleans Saints-Los Angeles Rams NFC Championship game.

Should there have been a flag for defensive pass interference? Absolutely. The Rams defender, Roby Coleman, made contact with Tommy Lee Louis well before the ball got there.

There should have been a flag thrown for pass interference to set up Saints kicker Will Lutz to send them to Super Bowl LIII.

But … there wasn’t. Again, it’s been two…

The Legend of Thomas Brady Grows In Overtime win over Chiefs

The AFC Championship Game featured many storylines heading into the late window on Sunday.

But the most important one would be the potential passing of the torch.

With Tom Brady 41-years-old and approaching Father Time, one could argue that if the Patriots lost this game, then the entire landscape of the AFC would now run through Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

For now … that question is put on hold because of another incredible performance by Brady and the Patriots.

New England handed Kansas City their first…

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