Week 0 — Commencement

So. Already procrastinated in publishing this post. Took a week longer than expected which isn’t ideal but it feels good to share my goals with friends. Received quite a few likes but I can feel the pressure coming, and that’s a good thing.

Plan for this post is to start setting smaller to-do list goals and I’ll return in the next two weeks to go over my progress (reflecting) and set similar benchmarks for the following two weeks (planning).

Learn SQL and a programming language (Python/Ruby)

  • First goal is to finish the python programming course on codeacademy
  • Schedule is 1 hour on T/W/TH/Sat. Adds up to 8 hours over two weeks and the overall course should take around 6 hours
  • Complete advanced section on Mode for SQL learning (weekend)

Outstanding evaluation in second co-op

  • Select projects to work on and begin contacting certain teams to go over the ideas with them
  • Focus on improving Android Play Store ranking and finding a way to track the progress
  • Ask for additional tasks in terms of other growth team initiatives

Find a co-op outside of Jobmine for 3rd term in Winter 2017

  • Figure out what I want to do / where I want to work and why
  • Start compiling a list of companies which fit my criteria and the contact person for each company

Work on a project

  • Go through the notes on my phone and start filtering the ideas
  • Create a list of potential ideas and begin thinking of a plan

Consistently write in this blog

  • Two weeks later, should write a post on how I did in terms of achieving these short to do list goals and another post on what the next steps are for each goal

Maintain an exercise regime

  • Figure out a plan to work out, focusing on both cardio and strength
  • Try to stick to the plan and see how it goes

Read more

  • Start creating a book list, do some research and go from there
  • Hopefully I will start reading a book by the end of the week

Reflect regularly

  • This will come with my blog post reflecting on how well I did on these above goals. Reflect on why certain goals were successful/unsuccessful

Hopefully I can check most of these off within the next two weeks. 
Gotta start off strong!

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