How to get Reviews in the App Store in the Right Way
Gabriel Machuret

Be careful when requesting reviews…

Whilst you raise some decent strategies to “incentivise” or at least prompt reviews, I’m pretty sure Apple is very nit-picky these days about apps that incentivise & expect 5 star reviews and offer anything in return. In the last example you provided, I can’t see that getting through the approval process and those preying eyes… simply because of how the alert is worded (i.e. that the reward will only be given if 5 star reviews are issued). There are some fab examples of how to prompt a review, in particular from your most active users or after a certain amount of usage. And instead of using a pop-up or alert (which users have grown to hate over the years) why not embed the message into a custom cell for presenting inside your tableview or collectionview, at the appropriate time? Far more subtle & far more likely to convert into happy happy reviews, I would say. Thanks for sharing.

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