You Can Follow Developers on Appsstore !
Ilyas Hassani

Big fan of this, however I think Apple needs to do more…more generally to assist developers with visibility and encouraging maintenance of their apps.

Perhaps increasing the % revenue share to 35/40% for those that keep updating their apps every quarter.

Perhaps offering a preview panel within iTunes to view several screens of the app interactively (I.e. Use the app functionality). Dummy data and without download, just a sneak peek.

Perhaps dedicating new methods and content for discovery – push notifications, weekly categorised newsletters, demos, even sidebars within iTunes to ‘advertise’ apps. Who scours the App Store these days???

We’re too reliant on external sources to generate app revenues and too many are going the freemium route. Too many apps are also created and abandoned.

Apple have surely got to be noticing the stagnation from app revenues…perhaps not…