Artists: Make Your Own Statement

Don’t ask people if they like a black & white version or a color version of the same photograph.

Whose vision are you trying to fulfill? It isn’t your art, if you expect it to be vetted by someone else.

Art isn’t a community-driven endeavor.

It is selfish, for all the best reasons.

It is your voice.

The choices you make — exposure, depth-of-field, lens selection, filter use, “post production”, etc. — these are your creative choices, and they determine how others view & receive your work.

But it should be your work.

If you are new at creating art, ask someone you look up to. But give them a reason why you favor one over the other. If you can’t decide yet, you haven’t worked hard enough to define your own vision.

If you are established, share your best work. Tell us why you chose this version. Don’t use cheap parlor tricks to appease your audience, or win favor with a poll.

It is akin to having someone else write your biography, using only community-selected material.

No one else can define your vision for you.

If you give your audience a voice in your vision, your vision loses its impact.

Your vision is why people are drawn to your work. Because you show them things they can not see with their own eyes.

Your creations are gifts. They bear your stamp.

They shouldn’t be muddied by others, even if they mean well.

This isn’t a “majority vote”. If it is, you are simply handing over the reigns to your creative process.

Decide for yourself, share, and let go. 
Share your vision. 
Don’t cater to someone else’s.

Create & allow an audience of their choosing to embrace it. Allow others to choose what they resonate with.

But give them one choice. Yours.

Be an artist.

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