I (used to) Love Guns
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If you haven’t watched the YouTube clip of Jim Jefferies (an Australian comedian), you really need to. Yes, he’s a bit abrasive at times, and uses foul language like a comma, but he strings together some of the most intelligent anti-gun statements in one cohesive (and hilarious) bit.

Here’s my take. I live in Alaska — the new Wild Wild West. If you live in Texas, Alabama, or pretty much anywhere else where people frequently roll around town with a gun rack on the back window of their pickup (including Syria), you don’t know gun pride like Alaskans do.

I was an Expert Marksman in the US Army, and a competitive shooter before that (with multiple state, regional, and international titles to my name). I’ve fired more rounds (during the first 25 years of my life) than most lifetime NRA members. I’ve had training, and been involved in house/building/street-clearing situations than most 180 year olds.

I don’t carry a gun.

I don’t keep one in our home for protection.


I don’t go looking for moments to be a hero.

If you call yourself a “responsible gun owner”, and keep a firearm at home for protection (say, in your closet, next to your bed, in your nightstand…) — then you aren’t a responsible gun owner. Responsible gun owners keep their firearms locked in a gun safe or unloaded, with a safety mechanism attached that does not allow tampering. But if you have your gun(s) locked up tight, or unloaded and secured, you aren’t going to be much help in the case of a burglary or attack, are you?

You don’t wear your pistol on your hip, or a shotgun slung across your back, when you shower, or go to the bathroom at 2am, do you? So what is the point?

99% of burglaries find the burglar wanting your tv. Your Xbox/PlayStation/jewelry. But you are going to act — because you own a shotgun to make you feel more “secure”. But you left the window or door unlocked. You forgot to slide the deadbolt. You decided that shiny, $2000 Browning/Beretta/Glock/Sig/Ruger was going to make you feel more “secure” than a less expensive (and more effective) home security system, and their accompanying window stickers/yard markers.

So much of America’s gun culture is a result of poor education, high testosterone levels, and awesome marketing via the gun industry.

Want something to protect you, or your family? Install a security system and make sure would-be thieves can see the branding on every door and window of your home. Use your deadbolt. Install motion-sensitive flood lights outside your home. Burglars are looking for places with easy access, and you aren’t Judge Dredd.

Want something inside your home? Try bear spray, mace, or a taser.

Try calling the police, and allowing real heroes, with actual training, to do their jobs.

Try common sense, before trying that trigger finger.

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