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Remember though — Medium is what is giving you a platform to yell from, “Hey, everyone! I’m leaving!”

Medium, like Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc, grows and becomes the behemoth it is, because of the quality of the content of its writers — before it was “cool”. Quality content leads to users, and users lead to exploitation of those users.

I completely understand the desire to want to control the quality of a platform, but it is simply impossible. It is outside of your control. Once it reaches critical mass, there is no turning back.

Leaving Medium because of your principals, and asking people to follow you, is like standing on the sidewalk, in front of a house that is hosting a party (partly in your honor), and asking everyone to come outside to talk. But they are already having fun and are involved in the party. They’d love to see you, love to engage with you, but you are making it inconvenient for them. Some may come out — your “besties” — but they are already your friends to begin with. The other people, the ones at the party, will never get to know you or your material.

Why not publish on your blog and Medium?

Regardless, I wish you the best.

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