HPE Converged System 700 — The Converged Infrastructure Solutions from HPE

To accelerate the business processes and ensure that you render the best solution to the clients, every business needs converged infrastructure solutions that can bring together the different aspects of the IT company. The features of one such solution from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise are listed below in the article.

As the IT world advanced, there was need of devising a solution that could encompass all the pre-requisites like the software, hardware under one infrastructure. This is when the converged infrastructure solutions came into play.

It succeeds in encompassing the components like the storage, server, networking & IT infrastructure management software into one.

HPE ConvergedSystem 700

Among numerous converged infrastructure solutions, the HPE ConvergedSystem 700 is a popular tool. The features of this solution from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise are listed below:

Features of HPE ConvergedSystem 700

· Leadership performance

· Converged Infrastructure that integrates multiple aspects

The HPE CS700 is able to support the VMware as well as the Microsoft virtualization environments. Thus this proves to be the ideal infrastructure for building your hybrid cloud as well as for supporting other virtualized loads.

Irrespective of your choice of CS700 for Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon, one would receive a tested and authenticated blueprint that enables the configuration that supports the integration of thousands of application users and virtual desktop on a single system. It increases the visibility and control over performance and capabilities, but at the same time ensuring service levels and operational efficiency in dynamically virtualized environments.

· Automatic Management

Each HPE ConvergedSystem 700 solution is built with the HPE OneView. This works as the single integrated platform that is designed from the ground up to the converged management.

That helps the user to work smarter by enabling greater visibility and control. By this, one is able to fully capitalize the benefits of converged infrastructure solutions. The software-defined templates help in the automatic lifecycle management tasks. The system administrators can use these templates for the first time and can then update the configurations.

· Ease of Transformation

HPE can help you in transforming and modernizing in your route to becoming a fully digital enterprise. With ConvergedSystem 700, which is a workload-optimized solution, your IT team can become the service provider that will help your company to easily adapt to the market and customer needs.

The purpose of building a system like the HPE ConvergedSystem 700, is to reduce the risk, improve the cost of ownership, enhance the operational efficiency. It also enables the foreseeable business outcomes by providing exclusive automated service. This finally enables an organization to deliver an excellent customer experience.

· Realistic Sizing

The scalability of the HPE ConvergedSystem 700 is dependent on the particular workloads being virtualized but at the same time, the HPE ConvergedSystem 700 considers the storage I/O loads on each of the VM to be particularly important.

· High Availability

The HPE ConvergedSystem 700 is designed for high availability and it minimizes every single point of failure including:

o Multiple workload servers

o shared SAN storage over clustered management servers that can render support to the solution-specific management software stack

o Migration of VMs over dedicated networks without impacting the users

o Onboard Administrator modules, HPE Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules with redundant network switches

o Redundant HPE Power Distribution Units that vouch for redundant power design

o Redundant Virtual Services Routers

o Automated storage failover and failback.