IBM Spectrum Scale — The Robust Storage System

With every passing year, the IT systems and infrastructures of each organization are seeing advancement. Among many solutions available in today’s time, IBM Spectrum Scale one of the best storage solutions.

Storage Backup Recovery

IBM Spectrum Scale enables the amalgamation of analytics, virtualization, and object use cases into a single storage, backup and recovery solution. Mentioned below are the features of IBM Spectrum Scale that vouch for its popularity and widespread implementation.

1. High performance and scalability

IBM Spectrum Scale is designed in a manner that meets the data management needs of your organization. Its features include content repositories, big data analytics and technical computing.

This solution is capable of scaling up to more than a billion petabytes of data and as much as hundreds of GBs throughout. Its local cache can use the inexpensive SSDs (solid-state drives) or the flash placed directly in IBM Spectrum. This vouches for its high performance and scalability.

2. Transparent Cloud

Moving data in the cloud with IBM Spectrum Scale is a cake-walk. It can move the data to and from objects in the clouds, either on-premise or as a service from the public cloud. This helps in lowering the total cost of ownership. It enables you to pay as you grow using the commodity driven cloud pricing.

3. Simple Administration

The new graphical UI for administration enables faster configuration provisioning and monitoring of any of the IBM Spectrum Scale cluster. Thus, it can be concluded that it enhances administration productivity due to easy usability. The familiarity of the interfaces helps saving time and money and also enhances the staff productivity.

4. Easy File Sharing

This solution offers low latency access to data irrespective of the location in the world. This is because it has AFM distributed disk caching technology. This AFM technology enables expansion of the IBM Spectrum Scale global namespaces across the geographical distances, provides faster read and write performance with an automated namespace.

5. Cost effective

Cost effectiveness of the solution is one of the most important features that are needed by the organization. IBM Spectrum Scale enhances the information lifecycle management, helps to lower the data management cost significantly by using multiple tiers of storage. This is how it fulfils the most basic requirement of every business.

6. End to End Reliability

This solution provides high system scalability, availability and reliability with a minimal point of failure in the large-scale storage infrastructures. It enables the admins to configure the file system so the availability is automatic in case a disk or server fails. It can be configured to recover the data from the node storage and infrastructure failures. This is why it is the best solution for storage backup recovery.

7. Easy Encryption and easy to erase

With storage solutions, it becomes necessary to ensure that it can protect the data when at rest. With IBM Spectrum one can be assured of the protection of data at rest and secure deletion. Its encryption is designed to provide protection to the data from any kind of security breach, loss, theft and unauthorized access. Its cryptographic erase technology enables simple, fast and secure file deletion.