Let me share some thoughts with you that no-one ever does when applying for jobs (because it’s…
Ben O’Hanlon

Ben — this is a subject VERY near and dear to my heart (and my wallet, it’s why I founded EyeLevel). I sincerely believe that lengthy forms and arduous job application processes are significant points of friction that cause a lot of talented people to drop out of the journey.

I checked out their Typeform and found it to be shorter than most of the application processes I see out there (and I look at a LOT of these every single day). They also seem to be trying to coax out of applicants a few specific things that they’ve likely found to be helpful in normalizing candidate information. Resumes and CVs are like snowflakes these days and it’s actually quite hard to look at half a dozen of them and confidently compare the people side by side. Again, fully support you on forms being a friction point. But I also think talented people can be bad at writing resumes and be overlooked because of that.

Our aim at EyeLevel is to address that exact issue so I applaud TroopsHQ for thinking creatively enough to market the job here on Medium, and I’m really curious to see what comes of this.

I hope TroopsHQ shares with us some of the inside scoop on what they learned by taking this approach!

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