Lesson #29 from 30 Leadership Lessons

David Sallee

The FitBit may have changed more behavior than all of the annual performance reviews combined…ever.

Why might that be true? What are the principles of human behavior that fit bit builds on? How might our approach to performance reviews improve if we use fit bit principles?

1. Feedback from the FitBit is immediate. Most organizations schedule performance reviews once a year, meaning that meaningful feedback is often far removed from the work.

2. Feedback from the FitBit is frequent, insuring that the feedback is close to the activity so people can see the connection of the activity and the feedback.

3. Feedback from the FitBit is simple and clear and presented without any judgmental tone.

4. Feedback from the FitBit is not perfect, but it is close enough to be valuable.

5. FitBit measures things that are important to the person wearing the FitBit.

6. The value of feedback from the FitBit is reinforced by the fact that other people can relate to it and validate the user.

7. The behavior that is measured can be changed immediately.

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