I create therefore I am:

I create therefore I am:

David Sanchez
Jun 25, 2015 · 4 min read

We are a tool-bearing species that has excelled in the creation of art, poetry and technology. We are innate creators with a driving force that is simply embedded in our instinctual nature, we problem solve and we dream creation.

From caves to stone writing, some claim that our “modern” industry has not invented a single form of new advertising for the last 60 years. We continue to use text-based messages since 1700’s, large format images since late 1800s, TV ads (motion) from the madmen area of 1950s, all part of our solutions to brand activation.

The medium and delivery of brand messaging in front of audiences have changed however the creative opportunities continue to converge into every space (physical or virtual) between brands and society and stakeholders.

All brands are integrated system of conventions, we create capital value around and into brands across all industry verticals, but above all we create brand behavior. We create an up-to-date creation compass that helps brands navigate our modern world.

Recycling familiar path of behavior:

As a creative agency we are contentiously delegating our client’s brand behavior, reflecting against creative briefs and using our creative compass to push creative boundaries.

That being the ideal case, our industry often encounter challenging budgets that can often drive brand behavior and creative agencies to take familiar path and execute unconsciously the same brand storytelling methods that are hardly distinctive, merely effective or short of remarkable brand programs and often disappoint stakeholders and societies.

For example, focusing solely on old school consumerism is a common oversight most established brands perform on an ongoing basis — because it’s the way we have done it before. Using an old creation compass can be a brand’s dangerous trap. The outdated modus operandi.

Alignment, Authenticity, Attachment and Advocacy are everything on new creation compass.

A brand without an up-to-date creation compass is a brand that is not synchronized with the needs of the societies and stakeholders it coexist, its behavior exist insofar of unquestionable pragmatism and all the aspects of communication that includes its brand activation are simply ineffective and unable to reach a thriving optimal potential.

Decline in brand market share and brand favorability losses are key performance indicators of an old creation compass hence the ongoing creation and destruction of value is simply misguided, a push and pull cacophony. The cause of misalignment can often be identified as resistance to change. Specially with the key decision makers that are unable to envision change and take advantage of it. The evolutionary algorithm rules all, that includes people, societies and brands.

The balance of power has shifted between government, society and brands. Without social value or mutual interest between society and stakeholders, a brand can no longer remain relevant. This is causing a new creative state: Converging Media Art — a holistic, continuous creative exchange between the society, stakeholder and brand.

Relevant communication is power but with an expectation:

We live on an unstable world, with unstable conditions, exactly how the world and markets change is uncertain, big data and analytics can teach so much, thus brands most be ready to adapt to new realities and conditions.

Information is power, and with the permission to communicate, stakeholder’s set their expectations of brands and demand an explicit brand strategy — there is no room for ambiguity. What do you want from me? do you have the societal credentials to meet my expectations? Do we share the same concerns?

There is nothing new on the creation of capital and societal value, many established brands take on corporate responsibility programs, but often they play a minor seasonal role in their brand communications.

The brand stakeholder’s expectations exert an unprecedented scrutiny of brand behavior, thus every action modern brands take most be aligned, most be authentic, most have an emotional attachment and most validate advocacy towards societal goals, these are bound by a social contract. This social contract is insurmountable in our modern world — it not only creates capital value but also invest in the future sustainability of a brand.

It takes creative bravery to survive

It also takes creative bravery to cut through the safe zone of familiar brand solutions and behaviors and as the old adage puts “past performance does not necessarily predict future results”, we simply live in a world where all brand behavior requires creative bravery to aligned in a 27/7 hyper connected society. And that society requires brands to take a progressive approach and complete understanding their needs.

Creative Bravery is a converging media art that is transforming brand’s conventions into often new and complex forms of narratives that require the delivery of truly remarkable, behavior changing and impactful creations that are good for business and good for society.

In the beginning, there was a brand. And it was good.

Mutuality has now become more important to the creative process than beautiful aesthetics or state-of-the-art techniques. Nor is it enough for brand’s to articulate their investment on new products or services. Instead, the first goal must to be to demonstrate a clear purpose hinged on a social contract with society and brand stakebrokers. Disrupting for good.

Our world is changing fast through both technology and behavior. Our infrastructure, food, energy and climate needs are simply inseparable. We live in a finite planet with finite resources thus the path for modern brands is to be sustainable in all aspects of their business, from corporate communications, to behavior and brand expression and commitment to society.

Products that are ethically produced, food that are full of nutrition and aligned stakeholders wants, product solutions that are energy efficient and bring greater prosperity and value to society and our planet, these are just some solutions for a future-proofing brand.

Brands who have the creative bravery to act in this way, will not only survive but also create lasting brand experiences that are beneficial to all today, tomorrow and into the future.

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