The Multi-Device Universe and Content — Pull It Together

David Sanchez
Jan 7, 2015 · 2 min read

At the beginning of the push era, life in the PR world was simple. There was the press release, public service announcements, recall notices and press conferences. Companies spoke, and consumers listened. The distribution and creation of content was predictable and consolidated. Then the
digital era began, and it empowered public relations professionals’ content with an additional channels, tools and methods. The channels were still fairly predictable with standardized interfaces and devices that seemed to be new versions of familiar channels. Yet thanks to innovations in the digital space, smartphones and tablets became essential platforms for content
styles and interfaces adapting with increasing sophistication. The Multi-Device, Multi-Screen universe continues to be a subject on any digital execution, now the distribution and creation of content is decentralized and unpredictable — the era of push back. Content is on a continuous feedback loop and consumed across a range of multiple devices and interfaces. It is a new era of multi-devices and adaptive interfaces. Could we instead enter an era of pulling together?

The content that we produce doesn’t only need to adapt to changing audiences, interfaces, devices, locations and methods but also the need for accelerated production.

Optimize digital content for best responsive user experience. Create a consistent user experience through all digital channels with a firm understanding of the multi-device universe. Doing so helps organizations optimize digital content for a consistently positive experience.

Since the implementation of this approach, the time spent on one of the world’s largest confectionery company’s nutritional information and lifestyle websites increased by more than 200 percent.

Plan and prepare content for multi-device readiness. Explore the digital production process and technical aspects of content creation for web, mobile and emerging platforms. Ensure digital content is adaptable to today¹s evolving landscape.

Following this strategy, a leading health insurance provider has been able to future proof their digital content and increase the present consumption of content in order to more effectively deliver their message for an important policy campaign.

Reduce cost of production and improve ROI. By implementing a multi-device strategy and keeping up with disruptive innovation, the cost of production can become more efficient and less costly.

With this approach, a leading consulting firm has been able to reduce the time spent on formatting and maintaining content. This has allowed the firm’s marketing team to be more productive and strategic.

Continuing to optimize to emerging devices and interfaces keep us producers learning new approaches on the creation of content, A continuous improvement is essential if we are to enter an era of pulling together and prove the value of our communications counsel by helping companies develop the most effective and efficient content strategy.

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