App Store, tvOS and why a good App name matters

The last month the 2Coders team released a new App called Albums which is set to be one of the reference on the market as a viewer of the biggest social network of the world… as you know Facebook.

From concept to the App Store

One of the biggest challenge that 2Coders had to achieve was the usability . Make an easy app that works perfectly for every one without instructions … mmm … to much to think about. Let’s walk through what we had to deal with.

The login: No keyboards (at least a valid one). Agggrrh.. how we will improve the user‘s first session if they have to type EMAIL & PASS?. (at that time Facebook SDK for tvOS hadn’t been released yet)

The premise was, the user doesn’t want to type and less so with the actual tvOS keyboard

Our first thought

Ok let’s do make some research.. we didn’t find many ideas or valid solutions, so we started to make our own concept of a login.

Our first Facebook login concept

What we proposed was to create an phone app that will allow the user to login (using his own actual session) on his phone and transmit the token session through the network (in a secure way and others) via QR code and some sockets.

The Results: We did this and we tested it under a beta users environment but we noticed that the user didn’t want to install an app (typing in the iOS App Store the app authenticating, installing and a long etc)just to use another app, so we finally scratched this idea.

Our final choice

In the middle of the process, suddenly the Facebook team released their own native tvOS SDK. Great! let’s go to try it. How does it work?

The idea of Facebook is quite simple, they didn’t reinvent the wheel. Just like Youtube did long time ago.
Facebook tvOS scheme

And finally we got it!

This screen will be for the next version 1.3.

In our opinion, in the future, there will be a better way to handle the sessions with Facebook where we won’t have to maintain new server sides and middlewares.

We finally got our desired app, the one that I wanted to have in my living room, where I can show my family and friends how cool my pictures are.

Other points that you should consider before publishing your app

As developers and users of the new Apple TV we think that the experience of the keyboard needs to be improved. What repercussion will your app have? We noticed that if your app isn’t in the first App Store screens the user won’t see it and probably won’t ever see it. Why is that? Because two main reasons:

  • The users are lazy (in the good way): They won’t interact with the App store through the search menu, so it will be hard to find.
  • Once the user decides to type something: if you have n strange name and/or your keywords match with most of the common apps… sorry but your app will appear far, far away from the first page result.
What did we do to improve our position in the results screen?

We did some research. Most of it was, “empirical”, so we finally noticed that the app name would be the most important thing (even when Apple said that the keywords matter, but when we performed a search with the word “facebook”, our app didn’t appear). At the beginning “as our app name” we put “Albums for Tv”. Wow! Simple isn’t it? There were close to 10 downloads per day. Nothing relevant. After a month, we decided to change it to “Albums for Facebook”, and the result was … incredible (take a look at the picture below).

How does it look? I think it looks better.

In conclusion

  • Make an easy app.
  • If your app has login or other access method, keep it simple.
  • Choose the right name if you want to be visible in the results screen.
  • And finally be happy doing what you want.

We’re still working on new features and improving the user experience. We hope that it works for you!