Rewind: Making the Leap

Hello from Austin, Texas.

Welcome to the first installment of Rewind, a weekly post documenting my time at the Austin Center for Design, an eight month Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship program in Austin, Texas. Rewind is a chance for me to process and distill what I am learning and offer insights that you might find useful.

While it will evolve, Rewind will use multimedia to share a variety of recaps, resources, and stories related to what I am doing and learning over the next eight months.

Finding Myself

Being the son of a naval officer, I was a custom to moving and evolving. With each move I would adapt to the environment in which I was surrounded. I was a chameleon, just trying to blend in. As I grew older I had yet to understand my true identity. I was doing what I thought was expected of me. Over time, I became frustrated, unhappy, and was unsure of why that was the case. But as my career got underway, and with each professional and physical move, culminating with my time in San Francisco, I built relationships and had experiences that more clearly defined my identity and clarified my direction. It has been because of my colleagues and friends from the hills in Worcester, Massachusetts to the steeper ones in San Francisco, California, and many places in between, that I have become more aware of my true self and now find myself in Austin, Texas.

Taking The Leap

This year seems to be full of new journeys and transitions. Both family and friends are making shifts and evaluating who they are and what they are meant to do “when they grow up”.

A couple weeks I had several conversations with friends, and my sister, on this topic. Their explorations range from deepening their artistic endeavors, and paying tribute to those before them, to exploring what they might cook up. Regardless of the direction of the journey, what we all shared was a recognition that honoring one’s purpose often requires leaping into the unknown and following your gut. We concluded that while starting over is not easy and may require what seems like taking steps backward, it will ultimately honor one’s calling and lead to a more fulfilling life and sense of purpose.

Regardless of your position or point in life, I challenge you to consider whether you are speaking true to yourself with your current journey. If you have taken that leap and are underway, consider how you might help someone who is needing guidance. If you are still seeking clarity as attempt to uncover your true self, break from your norm and expose yourself to new ideas and people. Be honest with yourself on what brings you satisfaction and dig deeper. How can you follow that rabbit down the hole and be “madly curious”?

This is my leap and I look forward to sharing my journey with you and hopefully hearing about yours.

— —

P.S. This post is backdated as it was published last week. I will publish the most recent post in a few days.