While I was working in Germany, I chance upon the idea of minimalist. While minimalist can be apply to many areas. I am most interested in the minimalist lifestyle. Which is to to own as little things and only get what you really need. This doesn’t mean that you are a cheapskate, on contrary, because you can only get so little things, you would often want to get yourself the best.

Also most companies, to promote mass selling, usually encourage you to buy things in bulk. The reason is because, due to automation and machine, they are able to produce so many things with lesser people and cost. So what do they do with all these access produces? They try to sell it to you by marketing it in a way that entice you to want to have it. Since they have so many access inventory, they will try to lure you to buy in a huge amount.

But when you think about it, do you really need so many things? Where do you keep them? Extra effort and space will be needed to store all these extra things. In the past, before the industrial revolution, people only have things they needed. Now, at least in my house, I have all kind of things, be it whether I need it or not.

So what are some strategies of preventing buying things that you don’t need? One way is only buy something when you are really thinking about it all the time, or the things which pisses you off way too often. Like a jeans that is too big or a computer that is too slow. And don’t think that being a minimalist is cheap. It can be expensive, since you don’t buy in bulk or you only get the best. But the upside is that you spend more time being productive, doing things that actually matter, than to waste time maintaining things or actually buying things.