Dual Wielded Wearable

Precision and lack of ability to perform error correction is one of the biggest and maybe most exciting problems in current generation of wearable fitness and health trackers. Well easiest depends on your definition. Look at your fitness tracker and imagine that you had one of them on each hand.

Error Correction and Precision

Moving mouse, scratching your back and other activities all can be interpreted as a step when using single device on one hand, I’ve run number of experiments with my prototype devices based on Arduino and MBient lab based devices and I was able to cut errors with accelerometers and more importantly with altitude calculation by more than 65%.

But it’s even more important in LED and light based sensors, such as Heart Rate Monitors and upcoming Sugar sensors, calculating heart rate monitor based on reflection from light emitter that bounces against capillary and back to sensor can be rather taxing. Hand can be sweaty, tanned, there could be simply more light outside and device is not always fitted in a good manner. Having sensors on both hands eliminates most of accidentally high and low false spikes. And if I find good embedded C programmer I should be able to design it in a way to give results much faster.

Exciting Opportunities

As usual when trying to find an answer to right question, alongside with answer you should always get a lot of questions, and one of the most interesting questions is: What can we do one we have to devices with accelerometers on each hand? How about…


Instead of looking down your phone left or right band can vibrate indicating which way should person turn on upcoming junction.

Balance Training

It could tech people to properly balance their body by vibrating or emitting sounds and lights on one or another hand. Among beginner joggers and runners it’s very important not to overstress single foot or entire leg. Once can also create a great bar game: Achieve perfect balance while standing on one foot. Of course it involves constant consumption of alcohol!

Remote Control

Similar to how Kinect and PlayStation Move works but without cameras! Do gestures with both hands to switch channels, change music and switch on your thermostat. While amount of gestures might be more limited than in camera based devices, this solution doesn’t require camera which means people don’t need to be in specific places in to interact with home appliances or home in general.


As a nerdy software engineer, my first impulse is to develop Peer to Peer swarm based set of wearables. Imagine that you can wear any number of devices, wristbands, ankle bands, necklaces, headbands and rucksacks. They can all connect to each other via Bluetooth Low Energy and scale up and down immediatelly.

Yeah…let’s forget about that for a moment, there is simpler solution–Have one device as a hub that connects directly to WiFi network, mobile phone or computer via WiFi or Bluetooth LE.

Though I’m not giving up on swarm of wearable devices!