Handbags, Rucksacks and other bags

After spending about year and a half trying different wearable solutions which usually end up being a necklace with a camera, a wristband or watch or a set of glasses one category of items that people wear every day stays surprisingly dessert in electronic part, I’m talking about bags and other container-ish things that people carry (wear) around.

Photo of a bag from pixabay.com

Look at the handbag for example, it’s a large object that people carry around their shoulder, there is very few weight restrictions when it comes to electronics since 20–200 grams won’t matter in this case. On top of that it has a lot of space for battery, large enough antennas and electronics don’t need to be minuaturised to the point of being overly expensive.

Of course handbags are sort of restricted to women, though there are growing market of satchels and other wearable containers, such as rucksacks

Btw, while we are discussing it, am I the only one who finds the whole rebranding of handbags just so men would buy them funny?

Rucksacks are event better container for various electronic devices than a handbag. People tend to own less rucksacks than handbags. Rucksack is supported by both shoulders which eliminates weight problem under 200 grams. They are larger and have less restrictions on form factor. In fact because of their size rucksacks allow frameworks to be installed into them. There is already rucksacks with solar panels integrated into them and panels that can be bought separately and attached to rucksacks, and because of large surface area it actually works.

So maybe there is no need to compete with Fitbit and Jawbone, and let Withings design their swiss watch with pedometer, there are a lot of spots left for silicon on items that we wear.

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