One last thing or how to avoid customers

It must be extremely counterintuitive for a lot of people, but making it hard for people to leave is actually antagonised them. Case in point MoveGB. Mind you, their entire app experience is rather subpar, and feels like it still a lot of work, Android app is slugish and I didn’t even bothered using iOS app.

But here are some screen grabs from my attempt to cancel my trial. So let’s start. First we log in to the site, and go to our account settings where we find “Cancel Membership” button, it looks easy enough.

Yay, what a nice bunch of guys, letting users ind you ideally freeze would be preferable since I was leaving them with a thought to check up in few months when they get more partners around the place I live and work and fix their mobile experience, and when I saw cancelation form, they offered me another week of trial, which I declined.

So far, so good. Next page asked me for reasons for cancelation and I decided to write up a short message, explaining to them reasons.

But that didn’t cancel my account you see. I submitted a form, and somebody will have to look into that! Thanks!

So I decide to cancel it again, now lying about reasons. Let’s say I want to move to Jakarta, I checked whether they have any partners in Jakarta. But guess what, maybe I want to give them money anyways?

They probably need money, I mean someone should optimise their mobile apps, and redesign their website, and work on that cancelation form, but I don’t really want to give them any money. So answer is a no. And then another screen.

Oh my Gods! Parting gift for 15 pounds a year! No thanks. And there is one last thing:

I was thinking about checking on them later, in few months or so, but after this I sort of lost faith in those guys. They suck on most fronts. Design, Engineering and their sales is sub par, nothing is too bad, it’s just all slightly below mediocre.


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