How You See Things Is What Matters

When you look back in your life you see that everything really has happened for a reason. All the HIGH highs and LOW lows taught you something special and made you someone unique you wouldn’t be today if those things wouldn’t have happened.

Throughout my journey, I’ve come to believe the simple, deciding factor between someone who crushes it and someone who can never seem to get ahead is that ability to SEE things — all things, both good and bad — as gifts.


To be able to embrace the tough times AS YOU’RE GOING THROUGH THEM, knowing there’s a lesson in there. You may have to work little harder to find it — but it’s there.

That is the mechanics of success.
That is mechanics of a positive attitude.
That is mechanics of being inspired.

It’s how to turn emotional energy — that could be used to feel depressed, angry, entitled or jealous — into passion, inspiration and powerful energy that makes you the leader and game-changer that ATTRACTS and CREATES positive outcomes into your life.

Here’s the real hit:

ANYONE is capable of it.

Some who had a rougher childhood or more odds against them might have to work a little harder, but they’ll also receive greater gifts when the work gets done.

That’s why I love leadership DEVELOPMENT.

Real leadership DEVELOPMENT.

Because there’s nothing more fulfilling and fun to me than seeing someone realize they have the power to create anything they want through the power of a positive, purposeful mindset….

And when others start to see that happening around you or in your organization they can’t help but to be ATTRACTED to what you’re doing.

Because it’s magical, and powerful and why I love what I do.

Because all success is created from WITHIN before it ever manifests outwardly.

Someone born into wealth, who develops a poor mindset and no mentorship doesn’t stand a chance against a poor, scrappy warrior who refuses to let the world (or anyone in it) stand in his way and stays hungry for wisdom, information and opportunity.

I know. I’ve been that poor, scrappy warrior who had all the odds against him and still wouldn’t let the world (or anyone in it) stand in my way.

Haven’t you, too?