OMG — We’re Having A Baby!

^^^That’s baby Sharpe :-)

If you’ve been following me for the last couple of years, you know we’ve been through so much together.

So as soon as we got this news I could hardly wait to share with you.

But first….

You may not realize it, but I consider you family.

You may think you’re just another “lead”on my email list, or another reader of my blog — but you’re far from it.

I know almost every one on my list.

I’ve seen you on FB.

You’ve been in one of my teams.

You’ve watced one of my videos online and sent me a private message about how it inspired you …and unlike a lot of leaders who are too big for their britches ….I messaged you back!

You’ve trusted me as your leader and someone to take advice and council from.

We’ve gone to events together.

We’ve done countless conference calls together.

You’ve supported me and I’ve supported you.

You’ve believed in me and I’ve believed in you.

The bottom line: we’ve had each others back.

Then in 2014 I had to step away from business because I was dealing with a terminal illness: Hepatitis-C

For many reasons it was one of the hardest times of my life.

Mostly because I had to walk away from you, and my team. With no idea if and when I’d return.

Overcoming that and returning this year to work with you and re-unite as the family that we’ve created together has been a dream come true.

For me, it was a reason to celebrate.

Which leads me to….

A couple months ago my wife and I received the most exciting news we could have ever asked for.

I’ve hardly been able to contain myself from telling you.

And now — almost 4 months into this — today is the day I get to share the most exciting personal news I’ve (maybe) ever been able to write about…

OMG — We’re having a baby!

Here’s some quick fun facts about our pregnancy…

  • We’re not going to find out the sex until it’s born
  • My wife wants to do a natual child birth (I know! She’s courageous and I’m behind her 100%)
  • If we do have a boy we’re going to name him “David”.

That’s all we know for sure for now. The rest we’re going to enjoy as the journey continues.

I keep you posted.

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With so much gratitude,
David Sharpe