Day Four Review: 2 Signups Per Day Challenge

Day four was once again very quiet in terms of my input into actively generating signups.

I have had a busy couple of days this week and only had time to send out a generic newsletter to my email list providing them with a tip which I generally do 2–3 times a week to keep them all engaged.

It was good to see however that even this had a positive effect on signups and there appeared to be a bit of carry over from the emails sent over the previous couple of days.

I don’t have much more to offer for my Day Four review as that is all I managed to do on this day..

In terms of signups, these are the stats for Day Four:

Total Signups: 5

Approx Value: £82.50 (Based on £16.50 per signup)

This is pretty good given my low level of input on this day, it is good to know that the site can still generate signups even without me giving the service a big push.

End of Day Four Stats:

Monthly Signups: 27

Progress vs Target: +19

Monthly Recurring Revenue added this month: £445.50

I am delighted to have extended my progress against my target to +19… The battle is still not won though, I need another 35 signups this month to reach the monthly goal so I certainly cannot sit back and relax just yet.

I am planning on being more involved over the next few days so hopefully I can give it another big boost.

Roll on Day Five!!