Day Three Review: 2 Signups Per Day Challenge

There is no other way to say this other than Day Three has been my best day so far!

After the quiet day I had on Day Two I knew I needed to be more pro-active on Day Three so I sent out another email to my list.

This time I put the focus on the Free Trial, hoping that pushing the word FREE in the offer title and email content would drive more conversions.

Here are the stats for that email:

Emails sent: 7,753

Open Rate: 10.2% (790 opens)

Click Rate: 1.9% (148 clicks)

Email Title: [Betalyst] FREE TRIAL of PRO Tips Membership Inside

I sent this email early in the morning, 7:30am GMT as I felt this would allow the effects of the email to trickle on through the day and I wanted to re-try the sending the email to the users who had not opened it later in the evening to see if I could improve on the really poor results from this method in Day Two.

This time around I had a much better response to the resending of the email to subscribers who had not opened the morning email.. I sent the email to the unopened segment at 7pm GMT.

Here are the stats for that email:

Emails sent: 7,099

Open Rate: 6.8% (483 opens)

Click Rate: 1.1% (78 clicks)

Email Title: Don’t miss this > FREE TRIAL of PRO Tips Membership Inside [Betalyst]

This time around I changed the email subject line by adding some more urgency and scarcity to it… I also add an extra line at the top of the email that said I had sent out this email earlier and noticed they had not read it and wanted to make sure they did not miss out.

These extra couple of tweaks seemed to make a big difference so I am going to continue to do this on the final three emails that I am planning to send out in the next 10 days.

In terms of signups, these are the stats for Day Three:

Total Signups: 11

Approx Value: £181.50 (Based on £16.50 per signup)

This is a very successful day and the best day so far in my challenge. I am hoping that this might continue to trickle in some sales over the next couple of days as well.

I am still researching some methods to help generate some more organic signups outside of those I am generating from my email list and I hope to be implementing them for the second half of the month.

End of Day Three Stats:

Monthly Signups: 22

Progress vs Target: +16

Monthly Recurring Revenue added this month: £363.00

I am VERY happy to be +16 versus my target as this gives me some breathing space to try some different strategies over the coming days that might help to fire me to my goal, or could flop badly, but knowing I am ahead of my target at this time means I am more likely to take some risks.

Roll on Day Four!