5 Mobile App Dev Vulnerabilities That Can Cost Developers A lot

Mobile apps are lurking cyber criminals. If mobile app developers will not take the required precautions while building apps, damage caused by these cyber criminals can cost them a lot. Here are 5 areas where vulnerabilities do exist and mobile app developers need to pay attention on them:

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An app weak at authentication / authorization lets attacker execute tasks like impersonating and performing operations. They may access areas and operations like regular users do. While developing an app, take authentication / authorization mechanism seriously so that attackers could not bypass security pin codes.

Availability Vulnerability

If there are availability related issues in the client or server side app, the service can be denied from a part of app or from the entire app. An app frequently crashing is the major spin-off of availability issues. Expert mobile app developers understand what damage can be caused by malicious entities if there are availability issues in an app.

Configuration Management

Wrong configuration between the app and server can let malicious app steal data from it. Examples of misconfiguration issues include not forcing users to change their password on the first log in.

Cryptography Weaknesses

An app with cryptography weakness may disclose sensitive information sent over the wire as clear text. Another example is bad encryption which leads users and mobile app developers to have false sense of security.

Input Validation Handling

An app with input validation handling issues may not be able to securely handle information from external sources. This vulnerability is very similar to sever side attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery