Remember when South Park reached a new level of excellence this season? I memba!

If you aren’t watching the recent season of South Park, get on that. Stat. It’s 20th season is one of the show’s best.

I could go on and on about what this season got right, but I want to focus, for at least one post, on a genius story construct courtesy Trey Parker and Matt Stone: the Member Berries.

In this season, a Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton parallel plays out, with Mr. Garrison as the blowhard Trump who’s saying incredibly offensive things but still winning support at rallies and in the polls. Kyle’s dad doesn’t understand why Americans are loving Garrison’s boorish style, and then he discovers his South Park friends are all eating strange berries. And these berries are called Member Berries because they have cute little faces and wax nostalgic about everything 90s and earlier. Mainly Stars Wars stuff, due to a storyline I won’t spoil here.

It’s easier shown than explained. See below:

What the Member Berries cleverly gin up is the sentiment shared by many Trump supporters in the U.S. — Let’s go back to the old days! What’s with all this immigration?! I remember the great Reagan era, THAT was America!

The Berries, like Trump, brought out the worst in people. They lazily gobbled them up like white nationalists who devoured Trump’s braggadocio. And the issue became so severe in South Park there was an AA-type group for Berry addicts who craved nostalgia.

All this goes to show that once again South Park is getting better every year in pinpointing the folly of what we get wrong, wrapped in an animated dramatization that hits far closer to home than anything else on television.