This year I give thanks to…

…quitting my full-time job, taking one helluva risk and not looking back
…all the editors who gave me a chance, helping me build my freelance career
…my brother who is also my best friend
…my mother, the arts lover, my movie companion, the bedrock of our family
…my father whose intelligence and kindness continues to inspire me every day
…my friends who give me evenings of pure laughter bliss, or nourishing conversation,
…my home, my Annex community, my coffee shops and work-sharing spaces
…the rabble-rousers and rebels, those stiff-arming the same-old
…the comedians in Toronto that have fuelled many a weekend. Love ya Comedy Bar!
…the poets…always the poets
…Wednesday basketball runs in North York
…my slow cooker, because my dining repertoire has expanded heavily thanks to it
…Run the Jewels
…the lovely intelligent women in my life
…Ezra’s Pound Americanos
…the new Dave Eggers book
…writing this, to remind myself what I value, and perhaps to inspire you to create a similar self-affirming list

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