I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

Thanks for posting. Some of this article, however, still seems to promote the view that one must either believe that women suffer or that men suffer. That society creates unreasonable expectations for men or unreasonable expectations for women. In reality, as many feminists such as Bell Hooks have pointed out, Patriarchy ultimately benefits neither men nor women. Although I think society is more stacked against women & I associate more closely with feminism, there is also a desire in me to sympathize with men in a way that homophobic society prohibits. As a heterosexual male, I get tired of the patriarchal expectations that men be stoic, unemotional, & at constant competition with one another. A re-humanizing of male individuals as well, far from blaming or being aggressive toward women, steps alongside them and benefits them. When men are NOT awarded for being dominant or aggressive, it helps women. When men are free to express emotion, free to admit they are wrong, etc, it helps women. When men (& women) are NOT sent off to war like toy soldiers, it benefits women. I think you’ve had a long journey, or beginning to your journey, & completely respect it. Just remember that feminists don’t hate men or oppose hearing their perspectives or their sufferings. To the contrary.