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Another column which misses the elephant in the room. We have Trump because of a corrupt Democratic Party and MSM that cheated out its only winnable candidate. We have a gerrymandered congress because of corporate democrats who did nothing when they had the chance near a decade ago other than pass a half assed ACA — which is a stupid Republican idea, instead of Medicare for all.

30 % of the country is a low info, lost cause, racist to the core, and bullshit spotting challenged. Let’s leave the 1% and their sycophants aside. Their voting numbers are insignificant. So the GOP base really has no leverage if democrats were truly a liberal and progressive party. They are not, ever since Clinton.

Hitting rock bottom is good because soon both parties will be irrelevant. Those who actually believe what their mouthpieces say on cable tv of MSM print are dying out.

Yeah centrism is stupid and counterproductive. But making the assertion without providing the replete, empirical evidence out there does not make a nourishing read.

You are saying the pendulum needs to swing back. It is already. Perhaps you can’t see it.

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