What I Have Learned From Photographing 400 Towns in Iowa
Cody Weber

Great article. Tell these people to stop watching FoxNews , stop listening to hate radio and stop voting Republican. At the very top most all politicians are neoliberal or neoconservative. Flip side of same coin. Why? Because they need big business money to stay in the game.

But at the local and state level there is a very real difference. Republicans will poison you or bankrupt you. See Michigan and Kansas. Democratic run states tend to do well because leadership is at least trying to help more than just the 1%. See California.

Iowa would be in a much better place in two election cycles if just voted straight ticket blue starting Nov. 8. Unfortunately, I think it’s too late for the current generation. It can’t help but vote against its own interests. It won’t go cold turkey Nov 8 …..…although it should.

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