The Media is Biased
Dave Pell

It started with hate radio. Then Fox News. Then the NYT becoming propaganda arm of the Defense Department. NPR being Republicanized in the aughts. The WAPO is now just another mouthpiece of a plutocrat. The editorial rooms of all the big papers are incestuous. Comcast turned MSNBC into nothing. Rachel Maddow would not be allowed to report on the Flint water crisis had it started today.

So yeah. If it was not for TYT and some other indie media along with foreign media the populace would know pretty much nothing about the disaster the neoliberalism ( loved by Republicans and Conservadems alike) has brought the nation.

And no straight ticket Republican voting is like cutting off your nose.

Run for office independent yourself if you can. Fuck the party system. It’s private and the parties don’t care if you struggle or die. There is always someone else to buy the crap peddled by the plutocrats.

Get informed not by MSM and not by your favorite website. Most are lying to you. As Fox Molder said, the truth is out there!

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