For All Democrats to Ponder: The Real Reasons Hillary Clinton Lost
Tony Brasunas

I’ve written much about this. Yours is the best forensic summary on the internet because of its clarity and succinctness. I’m presently recording a song called “Doomed from the start.” It should drop as a Holly Nichole release before Summer 2017. Guess what it’s about ?

One thing you missed though — Bill Clinton.

I know Republicans and independents — Professionally and personally. They hate him, for right or wrong. They would have crawled a mile on broken glass to prevent him from ever getting into the WH again. That’s why it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see this clusterfuck coming from a mile away. I predicted it on Twitter in summer 2016. Thousands of of others did too.

Silver lining. Dems won’t runs corporate democrats / GOO lite in 2020. They will be forced to run a populist / progressive. Tulsi Gabbard is my pick because she mobilizes Bernie’s army. Only way they can ever win the electoral college making states again.

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