Actually Yes, Let’s Keep Litigating The Democratic Primary
Michael Tracey

Jonathan Capehart , Joy Reid, and CNN as an organization are actually more responsible for Trump than Walsh, except of course the DNC itself. But the reality is there is no escape without dealing with the great fraud of 2016.

The GOP can’t move forward without acknowledging its role in the Iraq and Wall Street debacles. They ride high right now but they are mortally wounded. The. Democratic Party likewise can’t move forward without acknowledging what it did to the Sanders campaign and setting the stage for the Great Recession. It’s not mortally wounded. Yet. But it will be soon unless it’s pulls head out of ass, apologizes and strives to work with and for its liberal base.

They are running out of time. They have no idea his big and nasty the independent and decline to state electorate is and that said electorate, not either party, is the future. As I’ve said in the past. The DNC chair is event horizon for the Democrats. They give Sanders what he wants or else…..they become zombies too.

None of the above are journalists. They are paid. propagandists. A fact. Not an alternative fact.